We’re let’s dabble. We do video. Web video to be precise.

And we’re QUITE fond of nonprofits. So much so, that we created an instructional video series to teach nonprofits how to make their OWN web videos. Free.

Yeah, that’s right. Don’t believe us? Click the video below to extinguish your disbelief:

But enough of this marketing nonsense. If your nonprofit organization really is interested in using web video to expand your community online and fund raise, let’s dabble can guide you through the uncharted waters of video production.

We can make a web video for your nonprofit. Or better yet, we can teach your nonprofit how to make your OWN web videos. The choice is yours. They’re both delicious.

Bon appetit.

"It was a pleasure working with
let's dabble, they made the process fun and easy!

The video tutorials were a huge help and gave step-by-step information that made each stage in the process clear and straightforward.

The idea of incorporating web videos into our website/e-mail marketing seemed like a daunting task, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it can be..."

Maggie Devany | Director of Operations

Cabrini Green Legal Aid