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$25.2 million dollars in donations under $100?

Thursday, February 7th, 2008 | Permalink

Oh, it is more than possible, it happened, in just one month!

Online fundraising reached a new high in the presidential elections of 2008. An article by Josh Catone details that Barack Obama raised $32 million dollars in the first month of the year, $28 million of this was from online donations. Also, Ron Paul set single day fundraising records during his campaign using online donating, twice! However, going back to the $28 million, what’s more interesting is that ~25.2 million of it came from donations under $100.

The significance of many donors donating smaller amounts is that they can afford to give again. During the elections, donations followed success. If a debate went well, then donations followed. This means that results cause people to react and donate. The same applies to nonprofits, show your donors how you are succeeding and the donations will follow.