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The Vineyard Community Church’s holiday production the Re{Gifter} finally premiers!

Sunday, December 21st, 2008 | Permalink

The RegifterAfter several weeks of pre/post production from numerous volunteers, The Re{Gifter} was finally ready for the 10,000 eager ticket holders. By combining film, live theatre and an interactive art exhibit, audiences were introduced to a very unique Christmas experience.

The crowd favorite most certainly was when the large projector screen levitated upward to reveal the “junk manger.” Made entirely from trash, the junk manger was a brilliant display of creativity by set designer Greg Dean and his loyal minions. Upon closer inspection after the performance, the audience couldn’t help but lose themselves in the intricate details of the manger.

You can watch the entire movie online or peruse Cindy Tucker’s photos throughout the creative process (see page 5 or 7 for photos of the “junk manger”).