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The Social Philanthropists Foundation

Monday, December 28th, 2009 | Permalink

An interesting organization focused on bridging the gap between charitable organizations / events and people willing to support them but disenchanted by the status quo is The Social Philanthropists Foundation. That is to say, the idea of “high-brow” events aimed toward “established contributors” doesn’t attract young, new supporters.

The goals of the spf are:

- to connect the public with non-profits in their community

- to partner with NPO’s and help them connect their fundraising and service activities with the interests of socially active people

- to immediately address the needs of NPO’s in a variety of ways

Now rather than continuing on about the organization, why not have them describe it themselves. Web video to the rescue!

Looking for a few more fundraising ideas?

Sunday, December 13th, 2009 | Permalink

With the Christmas season upon us, the friendly people at AusBusiness Review listed a few great fundraising ideas, so what better way to thank “John D” who wrote this article than to blog about his ideas.

1) Selling items door-to-door. The key thing to remember here is that the items you sell will be connected to your organization so choose wisely.

2) Auctions. This is very effective, especially when you can get the community involved. If you reserve an area in a public venue, then it will be easier to get donated items from nearby establishments; everyone loves to be connected to a good cause.

3) Bake sales. A very effective tool for using eager volunteers. Have them donate a baked good; it’s cheap, done in the comfort of their own home, and shows how all the baked goods contributors are willing to help your organization.

4) Twitter. Although social media can make some of us curl up into a ball and hide in the closet, the truth is that it can engage supporters if properly done. The key with social media venues that require “updates” is how often to update and with what content. Don’t tweet just for the fun of it (unless it’s your personal account of course), supporters who want to receive updates about your organization are looking for specific information. Do a brief survey of supporters you know and determine what information they are looking for, no need to reinvent the wheel, just ask them what they’d like to know and provide it. You can also survey them as to how often they’d like to be updated… daily, weekly, bi-weekly?

5) Organization parties, sponsored events, etc. Having supported a few nonprofit parties myself, the easiest way to make it attractive is to find a local bar/grille and work-out a drink special, appetizer special, or combination of the two. Last time I checked, people love deals and restaurants love exposure to new patrons. It’s a win-win.

Good luck and happy fundraising!