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Words for Haiti

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 | Permalink

The earthquake that shook the people, the city, and the very life in Haiti has ended it’s terrible fury, but the out-pouring of support needs to continue. We have all sent aid and kept them in our thoughts and hearts, but if we share our thoughts, prayers, and hopes maybe we can make a stronger difference yet.

let’s dabble with the help of GiveForward went out to share the thoughts and hopes of Chicago with the people in Haiti. The web video below is the result.

Visit the YouTube page and add a comment or a video response, add your Words for Haiti, share your thoughts and hopes, and together we can tell them that they are not alone, the world is with them, and that the outpouring of help is far from over.

Online video and the art of storytelling

Friday, January 22nd, 2010 | Permalink

In an article by merc strategy group the art of storytelling and its new found friend, online video, are discussed. This discussion sheds light on the sheer numbers behind online video as provided by comScore’s August 2009 Video Matrix report.

The statistics for 2009 include:

- The month of August seeing 161 million viewers watching 157 videos each.
- Over 80% of the internet audience watching online video
- 10 billion videos watched on YouTube by 120.5 million viewers
- The average video was 3.7 minutes
- The average viewer watched almost 10 hours online in August alone

So what do these numbers mean? The fact that a change in how people are exposing themselves to information has occurred. The days of TV commercials owning the advertisement arena are coming to an end. It is the same content being provided during the same activity (watching video), but the delivery system is no longer cost prohibitive.

The cost of producing and distributing a TV commercial has left small businesses and nonprofits out of the playing field for years. However, the situation with online distribution is very very different. The cost to produce the video is now simply knowing how. The reason that the barrier for entry is now the “know-how” is due to the fact that the computer you are using to view this blogpost is able to produce an internet quality video.

As stated by the merc strategy group, “…it doesn’t take expensive cameras, lighting equipment and a makeup artist to produce great video content. All it takes is a Flip cam, or an iPhone camera… and good content.”

You have the technology, you have the content, all you need is to know how to make it happen. At let’s dabble, we are more than happy to show you how.