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Don’t search, GoodSearch

Thursday, May 27th, 2010 | Permalink


Do you use the internet? Do you search for information? Then you are doing everything that is needed. That’s it.

Really? That sounds crazy, what’s the catch? To answer this question, I went to their website, entered the name of a charity, checked their statistics for May, then made a search. When I returned and again checked the statistics for May, they were a penny higher. I was shocked. A penny is not much, but the I am one person who made one search!

GoodSearch, powered by Yahoo!, donates 50% of it’s sponsored search revenues to the charity of your choice. When you go to their homepage, you can type in the charity you are supporting, verify that they are setup and you are done. You and the organization you are supporting spend nothing.

If I could find the hidden catch, I would tell you about it, but it really is that simple and this easy. The truth is that the searches we make every day generate over 8 billion dollars annually for search engines from online advertisers (and that was a few years ago). By using GoodSearch a portion of that is going to help the charity of your choice.

To go a bit further, in 2007, they expanded to GoodShop where online shopping merits the organization of your choice 3% of your money spent on average but in some cases 20% or more!

It is not often that I come across something this painlessly easy to add to my routine. However, my homepage has been changed, and since I have been known to buy things online, I will be checking back to GoodShop next time I do.

Non Profits need a Voice, V3 Campaign

Thursday, May 6th, 2010 | Permalink

V3 Campaign

The V3 Campaign highlights much needed facts about the nonprofit community that are all to often unknown, disregarded, or simply not acted upon. The truth is that 70% of American households donate to nonprofits, each year 80 million volunteers give of their time, nonprofits employ 7% of the workforce and are in the top 3 employers in many states.

So what does this all mean?

It means that nonprofits need a voice in the democratic process. As said by the V3 Campaign, the nonprofit sector needs to work towards engaging candidates that will strengthen, support, and partner with the nonprofit sector.

The campaign is described well by Kayla Klein,

" The mission of the V3 Campaign is to help people appreciate that a large part of our national productivity is already generated by philanthropic organizations and to encourage more and better support for the charitable sector. "

Nonprofits work towards improving communities, they employ Americans in these same communities, and they add to the economies of these communities more than we ever knew. It’s time that had a voice as well.