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…just about anything, using twitter, in 12 easy steps

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Social Media Club

The Social Media Club defines their mission as connecting the worlds media makers to advance media literacy, promote industry standards, and encourage ethical behavior while sharing their lessons learned. Local chapters are located throughout the country but I am here to discuss the Chicago chapter which hosted a meeting with The British Council during their visit for the TN2020.

The British Council was present for the Annual Transatlantic Network 2020 Summit, otherwise known as TN2020. The theme of this years summit was “Using Technology to Create Social Change.” Speakers addressed the crowd on topics of online video, using twitter for fundraising, the future of social media, and “how to stop the Mexican Congress from doing just about anything by using twitter, in twelve easy steps.” (yes, that was an actual title haha)

The talks are a great collection of how social media is being used in a variety of ways around the world. Luckily for you, I was there with the camera in my pocket just in case; gotta love small, inexpensive camcorders.

Below is a short web video of the event, and if you are interested in what they all have to say, I highly recommend watching all the speakers give their talks.

Make your own Choice.

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You give to a classroom project. They deliver the materials to the class. The kids learn and show it through photos and thank-you notes. was started in 2000 by Charles Best, a social studies teacher at a Bronx high school, who saw a problem in people willing to help but frustrated with where the money was going. Therefore, he created a means for people to directly connect with classrooms in need.

Disconnected donors are unhappy donors, engage your support base with contact, personalized notes, photos, and online video. Technology has empowered us all to share our story in new and exciting ways; for good reason because an engaged donor is a happy donor. Happy donors have led to a simple goal of students everywhere having the resources they need to learn to generate over 54 million in donations, over 135,000 projects funded, and over 36,000 schools impacted.

But if that is not enough to get you excited, how about a 30 second online video narrated by Morgan Freeman?