It all started in a Costa Rican coffee shop.

An idea. Or more appropriately…an opportunity. The realization that nonprofits weren’t connecting with the younger generation because they weren’t speaking their language: video. While soap-boxing from direct-mail campaigns and e-newsletters, nonprofits were failing to connect, inspire and enlist future volunteers, staff and donors on their terms; the iPad in their bags and the smart phone in their pockets.

For us, it was a brief moment of clarity, over the best coffee we’ve had to date… But I digress.

Rather than work for and empower a single nonprofit with video…work for them all. Teach nonprofits to tell their stories through video and harness the power of the web. More people. More funding. More missions fulfilled.

A catalyst of sorts…

And thus a company was formed. And it was named let’s dabble.

And it was good. Reeeeeal good.

Brad Manilla

Director of Creative Development

“Designer” is a vague term. But when your interests/hobbies/careers include djing (as the infamous dj *sparkle bomb), videography, photography, branding, graffiti, user interface, animation, app development and electronics…ambiguity has its merits.

It just really comes down to creative exploration. The oSh*ts! that lead to the aHAAA!!s…

There’s no better feeling than seeing an innovative concept transform into a reality. It’s surreal.

Retirement is not something Brad’s interested in pursuing. It’s the evolution of where careers and hobbies become indistinguishable. By the sound of it, he’s on the right track.

Anthony Bernas

Director of Operations

Born with a simple way of thinking, “If I don’t know, I will learn. If I need experience, I will practice.” Anthony believes that anyone can do anything with a little learning and a little practice. They are the only things that separate those who can from those who can not. And so he embarks on a life-long quest to teach everyone everything. Ambitious, yes. But doable.  

Anthony likes projects, he’s just one of those project guys; be it a 65 Oldsmobile or an organic garden… there isn’t much you can throw at this guy that he can’t analyze, learn, fix and improve.

And so automotive restoration, travel, cooking, dancing, chemistry and video editing have fused to form all that is Bernas.

Anthony Bernas. Modern. Day. Renaissance. Man.