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IBIC is fighting for workers and employers across Illinois

Friday, May 31st, 2013 | Permalink

Illinois Business Immigration Coalition On Monday April 1st members of the community, business leaders, and city officials met to celebrate the launch of the Illinois Immigration Coalition (IBIC). Speakers at the event included Rahm Emanuel, the Mayor of Chicago, and Doug Oberhelman, the chairman and CEO of Caterpillar Inc. The event was held at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and provided an amazing view of one of the cities IBIC is fighting to preserve. In their own words,

" The Illinois Business Immigration Coalition (IBIC) represents a growing and diverse set of businesses and business associations promoting sensible, comprehensive federal immigration reform to benefit the people and economy of our state. 

We believe that we have a unique opportunity to unite across diverse sectors — high-skilled and low-skilled, large corporations and small businesses — in a successful push for sensible immigration reform alongside elected officials and immigrant advocates. 

Our goal is to provide a strong and effective voice for Illinois businesses in the national immigration conversation and to urge our elected officials to vote for our economy and our communities by supporting comprehensive, sensible immigration reform. "

Whether you are member of the community or a small business owner wanting to learn more about how immigration reform effects your customers, let’s dabble has made a video to get you up to speed.

Getting accepted is easier with Acceptd

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 | Permalink

Acceptd is a tool for helping students get into the school of their dreams by simplifying the application process and connecting them with the right performing arts program.

It helps schools by streamlining the decision process allowing decision makers to review, rate, and track applicants in one easy-to-use place.

At let’s dabble we love helping people learn something new, like web video. For Acceptd it is rethinking the application process. Either way, life just got a little easier.

Have you Dropped some Love today?

Sunday, December 12th, 2010 | Permalink


LoveDrop is a micro-giving network. What does that mean? It means that a community of people giving as little as $1/month deliver a combination of unexpected gifts, personal encouragement, and support to help one person or family each and every month.

Nate St. Pierre, the founder of LoveDrop, is living his life by the motto written on his hand: change the world. Whether through LoveDrop or it starts with us, he is striving to make a difference.

It is so simple and yet so powerful. For as little as $1, you can get involved and be part of the community that changes someone’s life every month. If finances are less than perfect, he also organizes a LoveBomb, which floods a person in need with words of support and encouragement.

Launching on 1/1/11, now is the time to become part of something that will not only change lives in 2011, but could also change your own.

Tutor/Mentor Leadership & Networking Conference 2010

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 | Permalink

On Friday November 19th Cabrini Connections put on their Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Fall Conference at U.S. Cellular Field. The purpose of the conference was three fold:

It connects leaders and supporters of volunteer-based tutoring, mentoring and education-to-career programs with each other.

It builds visibility so that more volunteers and donors will choose to support tutor/mentor programs in the Chicago region.

It helps the Tutor/Mentor Conference maintain its Chicago Area Programs List of area tutor/mentor programs.

let’s dabble was in attendance presenting on web video and how nonprofits can begin to produce their own web videos to improve their presence online. We would like to send out a thank you to Bradley Troast and Karina Walker for their amazing work in putting on this conference.

Special note to Mr. Troast: Thanks for validating our presentation, regular use of web video can truly be attained as proven by the video above. Well done sir.

ChicagoNonProfit hosts The NonProfit Resource Fair

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 | Permalink

On Tuesday November 9th, from 4pm to 7pm, ChicagoNonProfit hosted over 25 resources that are:

“nonprofit ‘friendly’ vendors that have experience working with non-profit organizations and can work with limited budgets.”

let’s dabble was in attendance, front and center! The event was fabulous with a variety of vendors showcasing what they did best. Whether it was web video, accounting, catering, branding, or event services, there were a variety of knowledgable people there to answer any and all questions.

Still interested in how it went? Wish you could see a video of the event? Well, you’re in luck, let’s dabble was there with camcorders in hand. Check out the minute long video above.

If you enjoyed the music in the video you can always support the artist and purchase That Was Just A Dream by Cut Copy.

NonProfit Resource Fair

Photo by: Adam Daniels

From Free Soccer Camps to College Prep

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 | Permalink

Sidi Genus

Our friends at IAMVolunTourism have recently been featured in The Washington Post. The story concerns Sidi Genus and her journey from free soccer camps on Treasure Beach in Jamaica to attending St. John’s College High School. Sidi has found herself where she is thanks to her own hard work and the hard work of Chris Rose and Maati Hetheru. Chris and Maati are involved with much more than their amazing work with combining travel with volunteer work at IAMVolunTourism. Chris also runs free soccer camps for youth in Jamaica where he met Sidi.

Through this connection, he came to recommend Sidi for a scholarship at St. John’s. However, the story did not end. The transition was far from complete upon arrival. It was only with practice with Coach Colin Lennon and help with her studies from Maati that she came to excel in her new surroundings.

Truly a story to inspire us all, but for let’s dabble it acts as a reminder of the amazing work being done by Chris and Maati all around Jamaica. Keep up the good work guys.

Beyond Words for Haiti

Thursday, February 18th, 2010 | Permalink

Words for Haiti found a new friend and her name is Dawn. She was in Haiti during the earthquake and generously made time to share her story with us and now you.

The idea behind Words for Haiti is to spread hope and encouragement to those who are suffering. However, in doing so, we also stumble upon new ways of helping; beyond words and even beyond monetary donations. Aid takes many forms and if during these hard times a monetary donation is not a possibility, maybe you can donate the old crutches you’ve had in the attic for 10 years, the three pairs of shoes you never wear, or any number of things we forget we have.

During the interview, she said something that struck me. It’s just a band-aid, what good can one band-aid do? One band-aid is near worthless; however, to someone who needs a band-aid to ward off infection it’s worth the world.

Click the video below to go to YouTube where you can add a comment or video response. Spread hope, spread encouragement, share this with a friend, and go Beyond Words for Haiti.

This was made possible through the work of let’s dabble and GiveForward.

Words for Haiti

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 | Permalink

The earthquake that shook the people, the city, and the very life in Haiti has ended it’s terrible fury, but the out-pouring of support needs to continue. We have all sent aid and kept them in our thoughts and hearts, but if we share our thoughts, prayers, and hopes maybe we can make a stronger difference yet.

let’s dabble with the help of GiveForward went out to share the thoughts and hopes of Chicago with the people in Haiti. The web video below is the result.

Visit the YouTube page and add a comment or a video response, add your Words for Haiti, share your thoughts and hopes, and together we can tell them that they are not alone, the world is with them, and that the outpouring of help is far from over.

Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust Marathon

Friday, November 20th, 2009 | Permalink

Edward Norton is a wonderful actor, I enjoy his films, and I recently stumbled upon a story about a charity run he is doing. This alone is great, but the use of web video is also interesting.

Edward Norton has recently been training to raise money for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust by running. During training for this marathon, his running partner was attacked by africanized honeybee’s. These bee’s stung him dozens of times. Although the story alone is engaging, what is even better is a brief web video sharing the experience and bringing us all that much closer to the event, itself.

The story grabs your attention, but the beauty of it is in the ending. Brief web video does not only share stories, but can demonstrate the simplicity of a good deed. Whether that be helping a stranger being attacked by bee’s or, subsequently, thanking those who helped you.

The rainforest has a new friend and he’s a prince

Thursday, October 1st, 2009 | Permalink

The Prince of Wales has taken a personal approach to the deforestation of tropical rainforests with The Prince’s Rainforests Project through which he sheds light on the topic which will one day disappear if nothing is done; not because the problem will disappear, because the rainforests will.

"If we lose the battle against tropical deforestation, we lose the battle against climate change."
-HRH The Prince of Wales

The objective of this project is to raise awareness of the damaging effects of deforestation and identify what incentives will protect the remaining world’s forests.

To help this movement appeal to the masses, two enjoyable visual aids have been employed. One is a green frog being used as a mascot in their video campaign and the second is the web video itself, sharing this story with the world.