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The donors are there. Where are all the nonprofits?

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 | Permalink

As donors turn to the internet for information about the causes they support, how are nonprofits responding?

A study entitiled, “Non-profits Missing Major Online Fundraising Opportunites” goes into detail regarding these online donors they call the wired wealthy.  They are characterized by giving at least $1,000 per year to a single cause and giving over $10,000 per year on average.  It goes on to say that over half of the 3,000 donors surveyed prefer to donate online.  This is important because although the wired wealthy make up only 1% of the donors to the charities surveyed, they made 32% of the donations.  I’ll say that again, 1% gave 32% of the money.

Given this importance, it must now be addressed that less than half said they were inspired by the charity websites or that they were well-designed. Also, they said showing them how their donations are being spent would increase their likelihood to donate again. It can not be ignored that connecting donors with results is more than good-to-do, it is a necessity.

Donors donate because they want to help, want to make a difference, and because they truly care about the cause they are supporting.  Giving a gift is rewarding, but seeing the smile on a child’s face as they unwrap the present is priceless.