Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust Marathon

Edward Norton is a wonderful actor, I enjoy his films, and I recently stumbled upon a story about a charity run he is doing. This alone is great, but the use of web video is also interesting.

Edward Norton has recently been training to raise money for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust by running. During training for this marathon, his running partner was attacked by africanized honeybee’s. These bee’s stung him dozens of times. Although the story alone is engaging, what is even better is a brief web video sharing the experience and bringing us all that much closer to the event, itself.

The story grabs your attention, but the beauty of it is in the ending. Brief web video does not only share stories, but can demonstrate the simplicity of a good deed. Whether that be helping a stranger being attacked by bee’s or, subsequently, thanking those who helped you.

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