Making the job hunt a little easier, one link at a time

The job hunt is best executed by a person who knows the lay of the land and is well prepared. Preparation is something we can all handle, but getting to know the lay of the land takes precious time. Recently, a job seeker at a networking event raised the question of organizations revolving around nonprofit organizations, nonprofit management, fundraising, etc that have job postings.

So I offered to share a list of organizations that I have complied over the last few years working in the nonprofit arena with let’s dabble; although they are mere bookmarks to me, to the job hunter they are so much more. So after sharing the list, I realized that I should continue to share it and maybe help another job seeker.

The following are links to job listings/searches associated to each website or organization.

Global Organizations: Change, Ashoka, idealist

National Organizations: Nonprofit Jobs, Nonprofit Jobs Cooperative, Association of Fundraising Professionals, American Marketing Association, The Center for Association Leadership, National Council of Nonprofits, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Philanthropy Journal

Everything else: Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire, The Nonprofit Times, Nonprofit Resource Center, Greenlights for Nonprofit Success, Independent Sector, Opportunity Knocks, The Bridgespan Group

And finally, if you are looking to relocate to Canada: Charity Village

Hopefully you find this resource to be helpful. If you do, please pass it along.


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