The Moran Center for Youth Advocacy

The Moran Center is a nonprofit organization based in Evanston, IL with a single goal: Youth Advocacy. Although it takes many forms, they are fighting the good fight on all fronts. Whether through representation, redirection, or restorative efforts they are making a difference in the lives of Evanston youth.

" The James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy (the “Moran Center,” formerly the Evanston Community Defender Office, Inc.) provides low income Evanston youth and their families with integrated legal and social work services to improve their quality of life at home, at school, and within the Evanston community.

Our goal is to provide Evanston youth and their families with the tools to refrain from engaging in potentially delinquent behavior, the support to successfully emerge from a challenging legal situation, and the ability to reintegrate into the Evanston Community as productive citizens. To that end, our programmatic approach focuses on direct advocacy and representation, juvenile delinquency prevention, and client and community restoration."

To bring life to this mission, they choose to have let’s dabble use video to show rather than tell. To learn more about their amazing work, enjoy the following video.

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