We’re let’s dabble, we’d like to teach you video. For free!

let's dabble

If we haven’t met, then it is a pleasure to meet you. If we have met, then you may be wondering where we’ve been. Well, it’s a long story and it goes something like this…

…we’ve been making videos.

Ok, it’s actually quite short. But we made them just for you! Especially you reading this right now, you’re our favorite.

The real story is that we decided to launch our instructional video series for free! It teaches anyone anywhere how to make a web video. It took awhile, over a year to be exact, but when making videos on how to make a video one can never be too awesome. (yeah, I just said we’re awesome. We’re also modest.)

The videos are available at letsdabble.com in an easy-to-view format and are also hosted on YouTube. They cover what equipment you need, filming a video, writing a script, video editing with Windows Movie Maker, and finally how to upload a video to YouTube. Everything you need to take your story and share it with the world.

Go ahead, share your story. We dare you. We double dog dare you.

Got what it takes to accept the challenge? Then watch this video to get the details on how to show us up.

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