While there are many skills tucked up our collective sleeves, we do 3 things exceptionally well.

Teach Nonprofits Video Production

We have an instructional video series that truly rocks. Nearly 50 videos tutorials teach nonprofits how to make their own web videos by breaking down the overwhelming task of “video production” into small, manageable steps:

And did we mention they’re free? Yeah…thought you might like that detail.

Create Training Videos

If you’re sick of repeating yourself, have a training video made. Whether it’s sharing new information with your organization or documenting your existing workflow, training videos work so you don’t have to.

You’ve got more important things to do anyway.

Video Production

Don’t have time to learn how to make your own web videos? No problem. As you might imagine…we make videos.

It’s serendipitous, we know. It’s like we’re meant to be together.