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I can, You can, We can all Share Files

Thursday, October 28th, 2010 | Permalink


Dropbox is a file sharing option for you, me, and anyone else needing remote access to files. Emailing is restricted by file size, flash drives are wonderful if you didn’t leave them at home, and of course you could lug your laptop along with you. Yet, what if your flash drive is sitting next to your laptop at home? Dropbox allows you to create a free account and upload up to 2 GB of information for free; paying customers can upload up to 100 GB. Once you upload the information you can access the files from anywhere with a computer. Simply wonderful.

Ready for some brainstorming? Let’s think outside the dropbox. I want to share a video with someone but would rather not upload it to Youtube for fear of the world seeing it. Now I have the option to upload the file, tell my friend my username and password, and they can log in and download it. Simply amazing.

One more example, I recently wanted to put together a video for a friend. However, I needed video testimonials from a group of people on varied schedules. Not a problem. I setup an account, emailed them all the username and password, and they were able to upload video files that I later downloaded. Simply brilliant.

Would you like to setup an account? You can do so on their login page.