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Beyond Words for Haiti

Thursday, February 18th, 2010 | Permalink

Words for Haiti found a new friend and her name is Dawn. She was in Haiti during the earthquake and generously made time to share her story with us and now you.

The idea behind Words for Haiti is to spread hope and encouragement to those who are suffering. However, in doing so, we also stumble upon new ways of helping; beyond words and even beyond monetary donations. Aid takes many forms and if during these hard times a monetary donation is not a possibility, maybe you can donate the old crutches you’ve had in the attic for 10 years, the three pairs of shoes you never wear, or any number of things we forget we have.

During the interview, she said something that struck me. It’s just a band-aid, what good can one band-aid do? One band-aid is near worthless; however, to someone who needs a band-aid to ward off infection it’s worth the world.

Click the video below to go to YouTube where you can add a comment or video response. Spread hope, spread encouragement, share this with a friend, and go Beyond Words for Haiti.

This was made possible through the work of let’s dabble and GiveForward.

Words for Haiti

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 | Permalink

The earthquake that shook the people, the city, and the very life in Haiti has ended it’s terrible fury, but the out-pouring of support needs to continue. We have all sent aid and kept them in our thoughts and hearts, but if we share our thoughts, prayers, and hopes maybe we can make a stronger difference yet.

let’s dabble with the help of GiveForward went out to share the thoughts and hopes of Chicago with the people in Haiti. The web video below is the result.

Visit the YouTube page and add a comment or a video response, add your Words for Haiti, share your thoughts and hopes, and together we can tell them that they are not alone, the world is with them, and that the outpouring of help is far from over.