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The rainforest has a new friend and he’s a prince

Thursday, October 1st, 2009 | Permalink

The Prince of Wales has taken a personal approach to the deforestation of tropical rainforests with The Prince’s Rainforests Project through which he sheds light on the topic which will one day disappear if nothing is done; not because the problem will disappear, because the rainforests will.

"If we lose the battle against tropical deforestation, we lose the battle against climate change."
-HRH The Prince of Wales

The objective of this project is to raise awareness of the damaging effects of deforestation and identify what incentives will protect the remaining world’s forests.

To help this movement appeal to the masses, two enjoyable visual aids have been employed. One is a green frog being used as a mascot in their video campaign and the second is the web video itself, sharing this story with the world.