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From Free Soccer Camps to College Prep

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 | Permalink

Sidi Genus

Our friends at IAMVolunTourism have recently been featured in The Washington Post. The story concerns Sidi Genus and her journey from free soccer camps on Treasure Beach in Jamaica to attending St. John’s College High School. Sidi has found herself where she is thanks to her own hard work and the hard work of Chris Rose and Maati Hetheru. Chris and Maati are involved with much more than their amazing work with combining travel with volunteer work at IAMVolunTourism. Chris also runs free soccer camps for youth in Jamaica where he met Sidi.

Through this connection, he came to recommend Sidi for a scholarship at St. John’s. However, the story did not end. The transition was far from complete upon arrival. It was only with practice with Coach Colin Lennon and help with her studies from Maati that she came to excel in her new surroundings.

Truly a story to inspire us all, but for let’s dabble it acts as a reminder of the amazing work being done by Chris and Maati all around Jamaica. Keep up the good work guys.