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Video as a simple story; short and easy. Say hello to “video storytelling”

Friday, January 11th, 2013 | Permalink

Video has changed the way we remember, share, and view the world. What I am referring to is video storytelling and it is a new genre of video… or web video to be precise.

Video in the sense of hollywood, big budgets, and years of training will never die… nor would I ever want it to (I love going to the movies!). But it is important to realize and take advantage of professional video’s little brother; video storytelling. It is far less than full-feature films, far less than short films, and less still than brief documentaries. It lives online and is the marriage of advancing technology and a person’s natural creativity.

Smart phones have allowed better and better photos (so much so that many of us have laid to rest our beloved point-and-shoot cameras). Similarly, smart phones and inexpensive camcorders enable us all to create high quality short videos for sharing online. These videos are each a story: a story of a vacation, a birthday, a nonprofit fundraiser, or a weekly update. Thanks to advancements in the way we record, edit, and share video we are able to tell previously untold stories and share them in new and engaging ways.

This perfect storm of a persons raw creative talent and new technologies is what let’s dabble is all about. We empower you to create video stories and share them online. The skills needed are commonly unknown and unpracticed, but they are easy to learn and easy to master. With a little know-how you can write a script, shoot the video, edit the video, and share it online in a few hours.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in learning the skills I spoke of, then you are in luck; we can teach you, for free. Using…. drumroll please… short web videos. Learning video through video, it’s a brave new world.

The following video outlines the new advancing technologies. It discusses why the ability to shoot, edit, and publish video is now easier and more inexpensive than ever.

The means to make a video is the tip of the iceberg, the impact comes from looking at how we can use it. Moreover, since the cost of producing video has dropped dramatically, we can use it in ways previously never considered: training videos, video grant proposals, custom thank-you videos to generous donors, or program updates. This video outlines what web video means for nonprofits, how it can change the way they share their mission, their successes, and their future.

Finally, researching new equipment to buy can be mind-numbing with so many options and endless reviews; it can be over-whelming. Therefore, when you are asking yourself: what equipment do I need, what are the options, and how much does it all cost? Have no fear, we did the homework, this video answers those questions and more.

To learn more visit or send us an email:

Love SEO? Then you better love video!

Monday, August 30th, 2010 | Permalink

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal posted a recent article discussing the importance of online video and incorporating that video into your website or blog. The article entitled, “If You Care about SEO, You Need to Know about Video” was written by Yaniv Axen.

I love the opening Q and A.

"Q: Do you have video on your website?

A: The only right answers are, “yes” or “we will soon.” "

His points are simple and direct. In 2007 Google integrated video into its universal search offering. This leads to websites with video being favored over those without. The result increases their search-based traffic. He further supports this concept with hard numbers. In 2008, only 18% of the top 50 retailers were using video. In 2009, 68% were using video. That is a 375% increase!

The prevalence of online video has changed the way google provides search results. When searches are made on Google, 40% of the time a video is in the results.

After providing the statistics on the importance of video, Yaniv then discusses the six things you need to know when concerning search engine optimization (SEO) and video.

1) Video creation, and especially web video, is not resource intensive as it once was.

2) Embedding a video on a website is insufficient for affecting SEO. Online retailers need to cover their entire product line with videos that match keywords to better target specific customers.

3) Video should not be static. Keep them as up to date so that they are consistently in first place on universal search engines.

4) Don’t stop at the video. The title matters, the description matters, and very important but often over-looked are the metadata and tags. Remember that having the video searchable is of the utmost importance. A video is of no use if it is never found and watched.

5) Videos need sitemaps. Sitemaps aid in publishing information from one central location and make it easier for search engines to find you.

6) YouTube is not just funny pet videos. It’s just that simple. Online video is a powerful way to engage people.

If you follow this blog regularly, then you know that I am nonprofit focused and that this post is more “business” focused. The connection is to replace “products” with your mission. Instead of providing videos about that latest product line, think about a video about your latest update to how you are achieving your mission. How are you changing peoples lives, the community, or the environment. Web video can be used throughout the organization. It is much more than one video on the homepage. Have videos of your events and fundraisers on their own page. Have video testimonials from your volunteers and staff about the work they do. The videos will not only share your story, but they will increase your SEO as well.

They are young, informed, and have cash in hand. Your move

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 | Permalink

cause wiredTom Watson’s fascinating book,  CauseWired, examines how social networking sites have increased donors expectations in staying informed on how their donations are being used. Donors are transforming into what Watson refers to as “Cause Wired.” They stay well informed on topics of interest, have come to expect visible change as a result of their support and look to develop personal connections with the nonprofits.

Oh look, an opportunity for video. Share those stories people, share them with the woooooorld!

$306 Billion given to charities in 2007

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 | Permalink

Did anyone else hear that “cha-ching” or was it just me?

The Pasadena Star-News reports that nonprofits can still capitalize in economic downturns. $306 Billion was donated in 2007, the most in history and donations have increased for 50 years straight except for 1987. The article does admit that growth slows during recessions, but history at least shows us that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Jane Haderlein, VP of development and public affairs at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena states it well when she says, “It’s much more expensive to recruit a new donor than to keep or win back a past donor, and the necessity for a good professional to accomplish this is critical.”

Ok, so am I saying things are fine or bad? The answer is both. History tells us that donations will continue, even in bad times, but it also shows us that finding new supporters is much more difficult than holding onto the supporters we have.

As the article states:

"…the current climate is very different, as is the reaction and impact on fund-raising. Yes, major gift officers are reporting the wealthy saying ’not right now, wait a bit.’ This is not surprising. But now is the time for nonprofits to view the economic slump as a golden opportunity to fortify themselves by building relationships with their donors."

If building relationships with your donors is what’s needed, what better way to connect with them than inexpensive web video? ;)

*Snow* sculpture hits big! As seen on TV, a level 3 snow emergency never looked so good

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 | Permalink

With national temperament following the Dow Jones, we wanted to create a little something to rally some smiles. I’d say we’ve received a solid return on our investment.

Special thanks goes out to Jake Gruber for his tools of power, Teresa Rosenbeck for her barrage of calls to the media and all the honks of support while constructing.

Your smiles made it all worth while :)

PS>> The video’s soundtrack is by Bonobo, an office favorite. It can be purchased here.

The Vineyard Community Church’s holiday production the Re{Gifter} finally premiers!

Sunday, December 21st, 2008 | Permalink

The RegifterAfter several weeks of pre/post production from numerous volunteers, The Re{Gifter} was finally ready for the 10,000 eager ticket holders. By combining film, live theatre and an interactive art exhibit, audiences were introduced to a very unique Christmas experience.

The crowd favorite most certainly was when the large projector screen levitated upward to reveal the “junk manger.” Made entirely from trash, the junk manger was a brilliant display of creativity by set designer Greg Dean and his loyal minions. Upon closer inspection after the performance, the audience couldn’t help but lose themselves in the intricate details of the manger.

You can watch the entire movie online or peruse Cindy Tucker’s photos throughout the creative process (see page 5 or 7 for photos of the “junk manger”).